Rene Lynch, Rising, oil on canvas, 2016


My childhood in rural Illinois was punctuated by long rambles in the meadow behind our house communing with crickets and butterflies, lizards and snakes… the stars at night and the dizzying rush of flying up into the trees and sky from our backyard swings. Fourth in the line of five children, we formed a rowdy free gang with the other kids in our neighborhood, running wild exploring on bikes all day … hiding in bushes at night. As a younger one, in the midst of so many kids all vying for status, I loved getting off on my own to imaginative play and to making drawings and paintings in my little makeshift but private studio space next to the boiler in our basement. My aloneness was sacred to me … time was elastic then and decisions were all mine. I think this need for private time has led to my existential view of life … how we are all essentially alone in this journey of being human and it is reflected in the solitary figures in my paintings. My early bond with Nature as the most primal force has continued to feed my artistic vision.
The recent flying paintings are an attempt to capture that powerful dream of freedom and flight… the desire to commune with Nature. The landscapes are all memories of places I have visited in my many travels, or places I have lived for a time. They are meant to evoke a dream world rather than depict an actual place. The figures are all in rather super human poses… an amalgam drawn from many photos of dancers I have collected or have photographed in studio sessions. I often collage together various limbs, faces and poses to create a believable leaping figure.
I am an unapologetic romantic in my life, and in my art, attempting through the depiction of dramatic skies and magical imagery to capture a poetic truth about the mystery and beauty of being human.

- Rene Lynch